Villa Paradiso

A unique bed & breakfast, a lovely guesthouse in Baracoa, Cuba

Welcome to Villa Paradiso!

Published on 18 February, 2017.

Villa Paradiso is the type of accommodation in Cuba we call a “casa particular”.

Similar to a guesthouse or bed and breakfast, “casas particulares” are private homestays or family homes that rent out bedrooms to travellers looking for a stay closer to the authentic country, in the middle of its neighbourhoods and people.

Villa Paradiso sits on a little hill caressed by the sea breeze and with a beautiful view over Miel bay, where the Miel river meets the sea.

Our casa particular is only six blocks from Baracoa’s vibrant downtown yet on the hill there is a relaxed, almost countryside feel.

Villa Paradiso you can spend a few days or even a season in a welcoming and uniquely located house, fully immersed in one of Cuba’s most beautiful, green and pristine regions.

Villa Paradiso

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