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International Workers Day – A Celebration in Baracoa!

It is 6:30 a.m. and the sun begins to rise above Miel Bay. On our balconies we can feel the sea breeze and the morning light flooding everything. From loud speakers downtown all the way to this hill you can listen to the opening chords and lyrics of Silvio Rodríguez’ “Vamos a andar” (“Let’s get […]

The Taino Heritage in Baracoa

You may not know it, but several words you use go back to the Taino, an indigenous people that marked the history of Baracoa and the Caribbean through their struggle, resistance and perseverance under extremely adverse circumstances. Indeed, we’re indebted to the Taino people for words such as canoe, hammock, tobacco, hurricane… The history of […]

Cycling In The Baracoa Region – Pure Bliss!

Cyclotourism in Baracoa is a pleasant activity for everybody. It doesn’t matter whether you are a great sports person or just a regular individual (like ourselves!) – the region offers bicycle rides for all types of people. Do you want to reach the River Duaba Waterfalls or the base of Mount El Yunque? Would you […]

2017: International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

2017 was United Nations’ International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Nature tourism, ecotourism and adventure tourism are key components in the context of Cuba’s current strategy of sustainable tourism for development – and they are at the heart of the Baracoa region. One biosphere reserve, one national park, several protected areas Indeed, Baracoa is Cuba’s best-kept […]

International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia and Intersexphobia 2017 in Baracoa

Come mark the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia and Intersexphobia (IDAHO, or IDAHOT or IDAHOBIT 2017) in Baracoa, Cuba. For the past seven years, Baracoa has held a big LGBTQI gala at the main theatre. The venue gets packed with hundreds of community members, family, friends and neighbours. Last year, Baracoa held its first-ever […]

International Workers Day in Baracoa

Come celebrate International Worker’s Day in Baracoa, Cuba. Every year, this march is a noisy, festive solidarity event, with friends from all over the world saluting the parade and/or joining in! Stay with us at Villa Paradiso for the occasion and enjoy a 15% discount. Request your booking by email at mentioning the code […]

Baracoa Carnival

Welcome to the Baracoa Carnival! A range of colourful and lively y animados events for the various age groups. Stay with us at Villa Paradiso on these dates and get a 15% discount! Request your booking at metioning the code “CARNAVAL DE BARACOA”.

Baracoan Culture Week

The last week of March every year is Baracoan Culture Week, with a range of activities for people of all ages. In 2016, kids launched the week with an event highlighting the region’s indigenous heritage and the importance of caring for the environment. Musical festivals, museum exhibitions and open air events. The week closes with […]

Baracoa, Cuba’s best-kept little secret!

Baracoa is Cuba’s best-kept secret – and the bearer of a beautiful natural and human story. It’s a unique example of the authentic Cuba, where you can experience an unforgettable stay far away from the crowds and the noise of all-inclusive resorts. Come to Baracoa and enjoy sustainable tourism the Cuban way! History Baracoa is rich in […]